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Mashobra- The Marvel of Himachal

Ever wanted to get lost in deep woods, away from the hustle bustle of a crowded city? Ever wanted to steal some me-time in a peaceful place surrounded by bounties of nature? Wondering if that sounds like a dream? But such places do not exist only in dreams. You heard it right- They do exist in real. And the dream came true in Mashobra, a quaint little town fourteen kilometers away from the busy Shimla.

If you are looking for a quick, offbeat, weekend escapade, Mashobra is the place for you. This town is not for party goers or nocturnal mortals due to absence of night life, pubs/discos. This is a place where anyone would want to escape to for some peace of mind. The dead silence is deafening mind you! This is a place who find solace in the green company of pine, oak and deodar trees. This is a place quietly tucked in the hills, cut off from noise and pollution, still raw and unspoiled.  

Things to do in Mashobra-
1. Camping- The forest area of Mashobra is named as Mashobra Greens. Cam…