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My best reads from 2016

Reading evolves you and opens the thinking doors of your mind. I love to read and do not shy away from calling myself a book worm. So, I took the Good Reads challenge of reading 12 books in 2016 but could read only 10. As we move into a new year, I look back at 2016 picking out the 5 best reads from my collection-

1. The Rozabal Line by Ashwin Sanghi
      Genre – Theological thriller Story about religious terrorism and conspiracy of taking over the world by people who claim to be descendants of Gods. The story also establishes the belief that Jesus died in Kashmir. There is a shrine named Rozabal from where the novel is inspired. Since the time the novel was published, there has been a huge upsurge of visitors to the Rozabal shrine in Srinagar as reported by the Indian newspapers.
The story is gripping and quite different from any theological thriller. The background changes from a library in London to desert in Afghan and church in Goa to India-Pakistan border. Story revolves around an …

NuAyurveda Clinic- Ayurveda wellness

Every tired mind & body needs a break, and there is nothing better than a stress relieving spa. If the spa is inspired from the wisdom of Ayurveda, that adds more authenticity and excitement to the whole experience.

Here I talk about NuAyurveda Clinic, a sister concern of The Four Fountain Spa in Super Mart 1, Gurgaon. I have been to Four Fountain Spa in the South Ex branch and know the brand really well. Their venture with NuAyurveda was new to me.

The moment you enter the premises, the zesty aroma of lemon grass greets your nose followed by a warm smile of Rohit, the center manager. The Buddha's image of the foot reflexology lounge also draws your attention!

As he runs you through the therapies available, you would be directed to meet the consultant doctor Dr. Irshad who specializes in Ayurveda school of medicine. A detailed and enlightening discussion on Kapha, Pitta, Vita, he suggested me

Burger King's 'Dine with Santa' Christmas Celebration

Burger King organised a date with Santa' this Xmas Celebrate Christmas your own way with Burger King
New Delhi, 17th December 2016: Burger King, organised a Christmas Carnival at Burger King, Select City Walk Mall, Delhi from 16thDec to 18thDec. The same event would also be organized at Nehru Place outlet for 2 days, on23rd and 24th Dec.

Burger King brings Santa in the town this Christmas. Burger King's very own Santa made an appearance giving away gifts to the children which added to the experience for the young ones. Apart from this the event had whole lot of musical entertainment, carols, along with hourly magic show. Carrying its promise to bring the best burger in the town, Burger King also offered a special meal package for people in the town. The celebration is happening from 16th-18th December in Select City Walk Mall, Saket outlet.

Burger King also took a special initiative to organize "Dine with Santa" for NGO kids from "Catalyst India Charitable Trust&qu…

Mr. X to Mr. Right

“This blogathon is supported by Woo, The most popular match making app in India with a base of over 3.5 million users.”

I did not want to get married because my parents wanted. Neither did I want to get married because the clock was ticking away. I wanted to get married only when I get the right person. But the big question was- How do I know he is right? Was there a universal criteria to judge men by their behavior or thinking? Or was there a questionnaire for all those prospects there? Wooh! It was indeed tough!  The hunt for the right alliance began when I turned 25; just the age when parents want to see their daughters married. I being a rebel, rejected all alliances forwarded to me by my parents. How could I let them decide for my life partner? This was ONE decision I always to take on my own and not let anybody else control my destiny, even if they are my parents. Reeling under pressure and fed up of taunts from my panicky mom, I found myself searching grooms online! I created an o…