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My love for blogging

The journey- I did not know what does a blog mean. Totally unaware of the term blogging, I had first heard of this word from the legendary Amitabh Bachhan who interacted with his fans through his blog. That’s when ‘blogging’ caught my attention. However I did not advance towards starting my own blog, since I was too busy with my post graduate studies. Exams and assignments were more important than blogging that time. Reading and writing remained my first love, but I barely found time to pursue them.

And then the day came; Something I had been running away from, caught me by my neck.

I always aimed to be in the advertising field. When my college placement cell announced the campus interview from an ad agency, my joys knew no bounds. I left no stone unturned to crack the group discussion and written test. Among 30 odd students, I was the privileged one to be short listed for the personal interview. My heart pounded and feet trembled. I had given my 100 percent. The interviewer was impre…

The gone man

Indo-Chinese border, knee deep snow, hunting animals for a living in adverse climate, no roads or electricity, interrogating terrorists, journey across the nation, dedication to work, transfers, officers party and so on….Each story by you was hooking. Some sent shivers down my spine, some tickled me. Writing a book on your narrated stories was my dream, which unfortunately could not happen. Dedicating this first blog post to you, for you were a loved, respected and an admired man. Though I did not want my first post on you like this, but life often has something else in store for us.

For you Baapi..

The only wish on my lips now is to have you back,Wondering how to could convince God for this hack.Going away was so easy for you, is it?Killing our togetherness by every bit?
Who will have tea with me now, who will narrate his service days stories,who will talk about China border, who will flaunt IB’s victories?As you left, there is a void within us and also a lump in my throat,You will be…


6 am- Alarm rings. And you snooze it for 10 minutes.

6:30 am- You open your eyes and plan to wake up after 10 mins

7 am- Your heart skips a beat as you are already late by half an hour and you push your schedule by every minute, cursing yourself and ruining the morning.

At work when your colleagues wish you good morning, you sulk “What’s good about this morning”?

If this is what happens to you daily, then it’s time to change yourself. No wait, you can’t buy another body nor go to another planet. But you can certainly change your toothbrush at least! Yeah, you heard that right. Changing your toothbrush can change your lifestyle and make your mornings gold.

Colgate Charcoal Gold toothpaste performs a 360 degree duty of more than cleaning teeth. It cleans teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue. A magical morning wonder, isn’t it? With fresh breath, clean and healthy oral cavity, you not only feel invigorated but also confident. You subdue your chances of bleeding gums, debris on teeth or tooth …

Organic Harvest Lip Balm

Love nature? Love organic things around you? Then this blog post is for you. Ok wait, this is for every beauty, cosmetics and skin care product blogger/user. Organic Harvest approached me with their organic concept and wanted me to try their natural lip balm. Find them at 

So the package arrived at my doorsteps in a tiny jute bag. Mind you, no plastic, and I made a mental note “Organic Harvest lives up to its name”. The small compact lip balm came packed in sturdy holder. The red round pack looked too cute. Keep away from children. I have two round shaped products now, which I better keep locked away from children, lest they should start playing the ball. (Lakme Mousse Foundation was one, and now Organic Harvest).

So this Lip balm is not in the usual stick shape. Looks interesting, isn’t it? This one is a pomegranate formula. The introductory price tagged on the packing is only Rs. 150.

The brand also claims the lip balm to be free of bee wax and other ha…