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Why is Avon's Ultra Color Bold Lipstick different

Lipsticks have brought about a revolutionary change in makeup and the way ladies look. A good lipstick when worn properly with matching outfits and complementing makeup, enhances your look by many folds. I tried Avon’s Ultra Color Bold Lipstick and fell for this absolutely fab lippi!

The product claims to have 50% more pigments packed into every lipstick that gives saturated intense color. The lipstick also has True Color Technology which says that the colors that you see on the lipstick is actually what you get on your lips. (Unlike other brands where the lipstick color appears different when applied on lips).

Initially I was apprehensive about using such bold intense colors on my lips. However, when I used it, my inhibitions proved wrong. The application is smooth as the lipstick has creamy texture. Lips don’t shine with this lipstick. Color glides on evenly, imparting a soft feel.

The color stayed on my lips without bleeding. (Mind you, I did not outline my lips with a lip liner)