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Marvellous Manali

For corporate professionals, even three holidays calls for a vacation, and there is nothing better than hill station to rejuvenate yourself! Hubby and I chose Manali in Himachal Pradesh for a short trip.  The beautiful hill station is more than five hundred kilometers from Delhi, which takes 12 hours+ to reach. Book your Volvo tickets from Himachal Pradesh Tourism Desk in Himachal Bhawan, Mandi House (Delhi) or Chandra Lok Building in Janpath, (Delhi).  The latter also books hotels for Himachal. Bookings can be made online as well from
Carry food with you for the long 12 hour journey. Volvo leaves at 9 pm and reaches Manali around 11 am.  We walked with our bag packs from the bus stop to our hotel Rohtang Manalsu, instead of hiring public transport. Vibrant flowers, warm sunshine and fresh breeze welcomed us as we checked into Rohtang Manalsulocated on Circuit House road, a little away from Mall road.

Post lunch and freshening up, we left for the famous Hid…

Fantastic Fatehpur Sikri

Having one of the Seven Wonders of the World in our own country draws tourists from across the world. A proud thing to flaunt indeed! Thousands of tourists flock to visit the dreamy Taj Mahal in Agra; A must see for every Indian at least. However, very few visit the other historical monuments in Agra, like Fatehpur Sikri, which I visited in July  2015.

40 kms away from Agra, Fatehpur Sikri is a city which was built by Emperor Akbar in 1569. Known for its hybrid architecture of Mughal and Hindu era, the place will not fail to awe you.
The moment you enter the city in your own vehicle, locals will try to extort money, calling it MCD tax. Since hubby has dealt with situations like this before and being the son of an Intelligence Officer, we managed to shoo the "tax collector" away. DO NOT PAY ANY TAX. If they insist or stop your car, ask for their rule book or say "your dad is a cop". They will flee from the spot within seconds.

Fatehpur Sikri Mahal has a separate gat…

Chaayos - Review

Delhi NCR is known for numerous eating joints and variety of food. Delhi-tes are passionate about food and are constantly in pursuit of good cuisines. So hubby and I carry forward the legacy by keep trying out new restaurants or food corners, to refresh ourselves and to quench the thirst of the foody within us.  And this time it brought us to Chaayos, in Galleria Market, Gurgaon.
What attracted me the most was the concept of a huge tea variety in a comfortable tea-shop. Having tried tea from small tea stalls by roads, this one seemed to be a hygienic idea of sipping tea. Considering my love for tea, I was instantly hooked to the tagline “Experiments with chaai”. As we entered Chaayos, the ambience with warm lighting, wall graffiti of old times, tea glass holders used as bulb holders appealed to us.
The menu had a large variety of tea. Beginning from kullad and masala chai to chamomile tea, ice tea and English tea, they had an amazing variety. Masala or desi chai had options of spices…

PepperTap - App Review

Mankind has evolved. From a raw meat eater to landing on the moon, the evolution has come a long way seeing many changes, both good and bad. Today’s generation has higher power of income than before. Professionals work hard to earn their living and make their lives comfortable. Torn between work and family, sadly we are pressed for time. No matter the levels of evolution, one can’t have more than 24 hours in a day! So how do the time pressed people manage to look after their homes, especially the working women? Ah! Pepper Tab comes to our rescue.
Grocery shopping is not only time consuming but a tiring activity too. Staying away from family for studies and job, taught me managing my bachelor life. Trust me, I hated it! Those long queues at the billing counters of shops, those stinky vegetable markets, haggling with hawkers over change, unclean dirty roads, the noise, the pollution; I was growing sick of it. The saga continued for me post my marriage too.  I had seen my mom going thro…

My top 5 travel destinations

Travelling thrills me and I admit being bitten by the ‘traveler bug’. I have travelled to quite a few places and dream to travel to many more, because I just don’t get enough of the “bug”. Sharing few top destinations of my choice- Dalhousie- Visiting Dalhousie was on my wish list since a long time till the dream came true in April of 2014. An all-girls trip to this pretty hill station was fun and mesmerizing. Known for its beautiful landscapes, serene splendor of nature and amazing weather, Dalhousie charts as one of the most romantic places in hill stations. At a distance of 558km from Delhi, there is no direct connectivity of the places. We boarded an overnight bus from Delhi to Pathankot covering around 480 km and hired a taxi from Pathankot covering around 83km. The tiresome journey and patience finally paid us when we entered Dalhousie. The place is breathtaking. Before checking into our hotel, we detoured for ChameraLake, a major boating point and hydroelectricity project for t…