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Andhra Bhavan

Somewhere deep in my heart and soul, lies a foodie hiding. I don't claim to be a foodie, but the urge to experiment with new cuisines brings me to exciting places. Especially for people residing in Delhi, food corners are a blessing. People say that vegetarians have scanty options to explore. But that's not true.  I have tried it all, from the street food of Old Delhi to posh air conditioned restaurants. (Of course all vegetarian!)
My first stopover was the very famous Andhra Bhawan Canteen, located on Ashoka Road, Cannaught Place, New Delhi.  The price of the thali was Rs 90 way back in 2012 which has been revised to Rs.110 for veg thaali and 130 for non veg in 2014. What' the deal? Oh, the thaali is unlimited. Makes you smile?
The Andhra Canteen is managed by the state owned Andhra Tourism and Development authorities. The food is authentic, hygienic and excellent. The large canteen has a decent ambiance with a good number of employees who never let your plate stay empty…

Memoirs from McLeodganj

Trip continued from Day 1 in Dalhousie

The first day of our visit to Dalhousie comprised Panchpula, Gandhi Market, Subhash ki Baoli, local shops and night stay at Silverton Estate. So much we fell in love with Dalhousie, that we extended our trip to three days. Also, how could we have missed McLoedganj after coming this far? Second day we checked out of Silverton Estate and spent the entire day literally on the streets! We ticked off Diankund, Khajiaar from our bucket list and headed to McLeodganj late afternoon. Distance between Khajjiar and McLeodganj is 120 kilometers. We stopped at few places in between for the pristine view of farms and mountains. Dreamy bed of flowers and colorful fields were mesmerizing!

We reached McLeodganj by 9pm. To our surprise none of the hotels had rooms vacant. Kishori Lal ji volunteered to help and found us an accommodation when we had lost all hopes. We owe a lot to this gentleman.
The long cab journey had left us weary. However this little town’s act…

Hills Paradise - Dalhousie

To visit Dalhousie was my dream that I nurtured since many years. A busy work life and other priorities deterred me from this heavenly place. A three day holiday came as a blessing in disguise and my desire to visit Dalhousie found wings. Around 84 kilometers from Pathankot, this lovely hill station is located at an altitude of 8000 ft above sea level in the lap of Himachal. We were welcomed by a light shower of rains at Pathankot, from where we hired a taxi driven by Kishori Lal.
Kishori Lal ji ferried us to Dalhousie and through the entire place for sightseeing. Reliable, polite and experienced, he did not give us a single chance to complain. A straight two hours’ drive from Pathankot would have brought us to our guest house Silverton estate. However, we detoured and visited Chamera Dam first, which is a boating site and a nice picnic spot. (Our primary reason to detour- Silverton Estate check in time was 12 Noon and we had ample time to kill). Awestruck by the beauty of nature, our…

Go further get closer

This post is a part of the British Airways Indiblogger contest  This video left me in tears just like Chetna turned emotional when she was pleasantly surprised by her husband Sumit. What a memorable way to get closer and say thanks to the one whom you love the most! British airways gives that opportunity to go as far as you can to get closer.
Time is the most precious thing one can give to another person. So if you get time from a friend, near or dear one, feel lucky. In the present world, when so many things are on priority and love,relationships,quality time takes a backseat, you end up in guilt for not being able to give your 100% to a relationship. No wonders, that is the reason why newly wed couples are sent to an exotic location for honeymoon so that they spend time with each other and enjoy the blissful company without interference of the rest of the world. While this is a very well practiced concept throughout the world, the sparks o…

Nostalgic summer vacation....

May 15th to July 15th was the time I used to wait for when I was in school. That was the summer vacation of my school.2 months freedom and holidays! My young siblings too used to be equally excited about the most awaited freedom of two months! Though the summer temperature in my hometown Dehradun never crossed 35 degrees, we often used to chill out at nearby places around Dehradun.
Sahastradhara, Lachhiwala, Rishikesh, Haridwar are few beautiful popular picnic spots at a few hours distance from Doon. We kids used to plan for the outings excitedly and pack our fancy sunshades, caps, camera, ball, Frisbee and what not. Mom used to make our favourite Rajma or Choley for Lunch, and Dad, on our popular demand used to bring cold drinks crates. The summer heat, the rising temperature, the fatigue, all used to vanish in seconds when we had the rivers in sight! And my happy family used to take a dip in the cool rivers together. Splashing water at each other, trying to learn swimming from my pa…

Why Day Creams? Health Book- Day 130

The secret to a luminous and rejuvenated skin lies in your skin care regimen. The world knows about cleansing, toning and moisturizing. However, many don’t know about the right cream for skin for day and night. Skin care giants encourage women to use creams at different times of the day. The reasons? Let’s analyse why to use day cream -

During the day your skin is exposed to many environmental stressors like dust- pollution, humidity,temperature shifts besides the harmful UVA/UVB rays of the sun. Even when you are indoors, your skin is exposed to UVB rays.  The UVA rays damage your skin superficially(the dermis) that cause skin burns, tanning or inflammation, while UVB rays are present in the normal light indoors and harm your skin from inside(the epidermis), causing aging or dark spots. Stress, hormonal imbalance, anxiety and other natural snags of human body directly effect your skin. With so much pressure on your body, your skin is the first thing to give away and show signs of agi…

Avon Naturals Acai & Pear body lotion

I bought Avon's Naturals Sparkling Pear and Acai Juicy Moisture Hand & Body Lotion- 200 ml
I love the natural flavors of Avon Sparkling Pear and Acai Naturals Hand & Body Lotions. Today when the market is flooded with variety of products that claim big on technology and ingredients, Naturals, as a sub brand of Avon is different. I gave it a try because I love natural ingredients and products with less or mild chemicals. Avon Naturals just fits into my requirement. The Sparkling Pear and Acai flavoured body lotion smells too good. The fragrance is neither strong nor light. The former means less harsh chemicals, which is exactly what I wanted. Too strong a fragrance also causes headache to me at times.
The light texture of the lotion off white in color. The lotion feels light weight and gets easily absorbed onto your skin. Skin does not feel oily or heavy at all. The fragrance does not remain on skin for long, which is okay for me, as long as it moisturizes skin for long. T…

Avon Solutions Refined White- Health Book -Day 125

The Skin care manufacturing giants recognized India as a huge potential market for fairness products. Little do people realize that fairness creams DO NOT change complexion. If changing our skin complexion was that easy, the world would have been a “fair” place! The creams only form a layer on the epidermis (the outer surface of skin) with a white tint. (Many a times we see people with whitish tint or a patchy layer on their faces. That’s what fairness creams do).
We can only improve our skin tone or add a glow/brightness. Fairness products should work on the inside of skin cells. Avon claims Solutions refined white works from within the skin cells to impart brightness and clear complexion within 1 week. I took the challenge.
I was happy about the fact that Solutions does claim to make you fair. I liked the technology that works on the skin and how does a blend of science and nature come together as a miracle. I used Solutions Day cream for more than 1 month and Night Cream for 2 mon…

Hair's next- Day Health Book- Day 124

Troublesome summers brings heat and humidity with it. The worst effected are your hair, which turn sweaty, dirty and dry in the harsh weather. Sharing some useful hair treatment therapies for you so that your tresses shine and breathe free.
-Wash your hair every 3-4 days with mild shampoo if you sweat a lot. Not washing hair will create a breeding ground for lice or dirt to accumulate, causing a foul smell and oily scalp.
-Massage your hair with nourishing oil every week to strengthen the roots and protect them from drying. A hot oil massage is the most recommended. To treat dandruff, mix few drops of lemon juice or camphor in the oil. Wash your scalp with anti dandruff shampoo.
-Before pressing or straightening your hair, apply heat protective gel on hair to prevent burning or drying of your hair. Local parlors don't do this which often causing hair fall and weakening of your tresses.
-Cover your head with scarf or cap before stepping out in the sun. Pollution and sun together c…

Heat stroke- Health Book- Day 123

With scorching heat and rising temperature each year, the possibility of falling sick doubles up gradually. Children, old people and those who are not used to warm temperature are very prone to heat sickness including heat strokes.
Try remedies at home to beat the heat and keeping heat stroke at bay:

Heatstroke happens when water of our body dries due to excess heat. This leads to failure of body's cooling mechanism. Human body cools off by sweating. When water dies and a person stops sweating, it may cause the person to collapse.
- Keep yourself hydrated. Drink water even if you are not thirsty. Many people don't realize that by  the time they feel thirsty, their body has dehydrated already. Those working in air conditioned rooms, seldom drink water. Drink a minimum of 3 litres of water each day.
-Consume less of carbonated drinks and extremely cold water, as that may cause stomach cramps.
-Its advisable to consume fresh fruit juice instead of artificial flavoured drinks. Peo…

Innovation with gourd- Health Book: Day 121

When it comes to eating healthy, there are several items that you would never enjoy or find exciting. Bottle gourd is one of the biggest examples in the family of the "most hated vegetables". Lets make healthy eating a part of or daily lives while keeping it interesting at the same time.  Sharing a very easy, healthy recipe which is yummy and unlike the usual boring regular gourd.
I call it Panlo (abbreviation of paneer and loki)- Adding new dimensions of creativity to dishes and the names :-)
Serves-4-5 people
Ingredients- 1/2 kg bottle gourd, 
4-5 medium sized potatoes
200 gms paneer 
2 big size onions
3-4 medium size ripe tomatoes Turmeric powder, coriander powder- 1 & a half tea spoon
Sesame seeds (jeera), 
Sunflower/refined oil- 2 table spoons

1. Peel and chop bottle gourd and potatoes. Dice in any shape you want to. Pressure cook for 7-8 minutes with turmeric and salt. Avoid pressure cooking for a longer duration, as bottle gourd gets pulpy and sloppy only to spoil the…