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The "Breeze-r" of Jamaican Passion

For a non-drinker like me, (I don't know if this is the correct term), Breezer comes as a blessing. Those who are too much into hard drinks call breezer a cold-drink. But you know what, this is the best drink one can have if you want minimum alcohol content in your glass while accompanying the "Drinkers."
It would be wrong to call them drunkards haha
Last year during New year bash with my friends, my friend Ankit introduced me to Jamaican flavored Bacardi Breezer! The first word that came out of my mouth was "Sexy!" Refreshing and pleasant to taste, the Jamaican variant was the best among the other variants that I had tried! Imagine, a non-alcoholic like me falling for Bacardi! That's call BRAND PULL in pure marketing terms.
Later when I made my sister try the flavor, she too savored it and could not resist asking for more. Ignore the color of the Jamaican Breezer if you can, and enjoy the juices of Jamaican Passion whose sweet taste lingers on your tongue…

Play@30- Review

Its worth it! Its worth it! Its worth it!
Those were my words when I first visited this fab sports bar in Hauz Khas Village one evening. The new cafe cum lounge cum eating joint is worth visiting in Hauz Khas Village, the posh upmarket in the vicinity of Hauz Khas. As fun and refreshing as its name, the cool ambiance, super friendly staff, the stunning aesthetics will make you come back for more!

 I am thankful to the staff member who suggested us the place seeing a birthday cake in our hand and ushered us to the restaurant located on the first floor of the building. The moment we  visited the place to check on it, the well lighted spacious floor with comfortable seating, instantly grabbed our attention. No sooner than 3 of us were seated than they surprised us with complimentary soup and bowl of popcorn! Call it a marketing strategy (since they are new) or a USP over others, who does not like freebies. 
The second thing that amazed us most was the misty balcony with lush green plant…

Bangkok Bash

Growing up in a small town gives you wings to your dreams often. Having stayed all my life in a small town of Uttaranchal, I many a times wondered how would life be outside my country. Agreed there are many intriguing places in India itself, but the thought of going out of country always fascinated me, like others.  I had been planning a tour outside India but was confused which destination to choose. When I started exploring options through TV, reality shows,  friends, websites and social networks of course, I zeroed on to Bangkok as my travel destination. You gotta see the place once! Life gives you many reasons to celebrate and Bangkok is one of them! It gave me immense pleasure to know that Bangkok was ranked one of  the 10 topmost tourist destinations of the year 2013!! Now that makes me feel so connected again :-)
Popularly known for the Buddhist temples, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand,  displays the deep rooted Hindu influence embedded in their culture. I so want to see the …