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Riskesh adventure

“Mountain Dew cannot help you overcome your fear dude”! I thought, standing atop 20 feet cliff above water, while the river bed was 80 feet deep. Rahul, my team mate, who had already jumped in, screamed at me asking me to dive in. The thought of scaling a height of 100 feet, scared me to hell and I stood unmoved staring at others who took less than 5 seconds to jump into the clear green river of Rishikesh. I wasn’t there to promote Mountain Dew or Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. I was there on an adventure trip to Rishikesh with a group of 20. While river rafting was so much fun and thrilling, cliff jumping was equally scary.

I had visited Rishikesh N number of times with my family since childhood. However, this was the first daring adventure trip I opted for. Finally, my dream of white rafting materialized. I have never been scared of water despite not knowing how to swim. But trust me, when I boarded the raft wearing a helmet and safety jacket, I started feeling butterflies in my stomach…