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Love thy hair? I do..

From long to shoulder length and curly to straight, my black locks have withstood change of places, weather, pollution, tension and many such blows with time. I was quite fond of my long hair since my childhood. I kept them long until I came to Delhi for job.
With a sudden change of place and water, my curly locks gave away their charm for some time. They turned hard and dry. To add to it, negligence towards my health resulted in Hair fall. My comb often used to find my precious hair entangled in its teeth. Breaking the teeth would not have helped my surely, so I decided to chop off my long hair to shoulder length. Trust me, it worked well! I had read somewhere that if you get a regular haircut, hair grows better and healthy. You also get rid of split ends. My curly hair started bouncing with the new Razor hairstyle that I had donned those days. A regular oil massage helped revitalizing my hair gradually.
It was difficult for me to leave my hair open all the time since Delhi is extre…