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“I want to take the roads less travelled, Let me breathe some air unraveled, I want to harbor the greener pastures, Less thorny, more flowered”. Sanjeev left the note on his table, packed his bags and left his home in the dark. The train from Ghaziabad station was scheduled for departure at 10:00 pm.
Sanjeev Gupta, popularly known as Sanju, was  a young dynamic graduate who did not want to carry on with the monotonous job for his entire life. He was least interested in his family retail business. Often when his dad left the shop under his supervision, Sanju attracted a huge crowd while performing mimicry, stand up comedy and various other acts. People knew him as a talented artist while his dad disliked his bend towards such stupid acts. Sanjeev’s mother was a quiet housewife who never raised her voice in front of her husband. Caught in a wrong marriage, the poor lady never complained of the tyranny she faced from her husband. A drunk Gupta used to beat his wife during her pregnancy …

Cross fire!!

The employee was caught taking a nap at work, Boss said "See me in my cabin you jerk!" "Are you not serious for your job"? asked the boss to the poor guy, who slogged himself everyday and was usually quite shy. "Eight files are still pending, complete them at any cost, else I hire a better employee and you can get lost!" The employee snapped back "Fire me and pay me the dues right now, I wont work for peanuts anymore, I take a wow" Boss stared at the employee in disbelief, thinking it might be his nightmare,  Employee added "Everybody hates this job, Do you even care? Labors are better than us I feel, Eight hours of sleep is all I wanted, No overtime for the extra hours we work, these files make this office haunted! You deducted my salary for my sick leaves, you need a medical treatment I guess. I broke up with my girlfriend because of you, My life a silly mess!!! For everybody it was a holiday, but I was preparing your presentation, why d…