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My name is Khan

Friday,12th Feb'10 experienced a massive crowd towards the multiplexes for the awaited KHAN and KAJOL starrer 'My name is Khan'. The movie was given a five star rating by the leading dailies and media went crazy publicising the movie.Surprisingly my sis was able to e-book tickets for Sunday, so I watched it yesterday. Frankly speaking,I dont think the movie deserves a 5- star. Infact I believe that it was over-rated. Undoubtedly the message which was conveyed was good and valuable.Characters portrayed the real incidents so well that I found 50 percent people sobbing.
The story was well woven around the plot of 9/11 and the strong consequences on the lives of the people with specially the Muslims being racially discriminated and abused. SRK has delivered a powerful performance as a autism patient.I am sure this message has been conveyed to all that an autistic is different from an abnormal and also has desires to fulfil,a life to live,a right to be well treated. Kajol, nee…

Miley sur mera tumhara- Magic recreated?

I think “Miley Sur mera Tumhara” was a superb effort for peace and harmony initiative undertaken years back in India. I grew p watching the video and still remember the lyrics in different vernacular languages.
Years later we see the magic again with new music directors, new actors, new video but with the same objective- to spread the message of peace, unity and harmony. I appreciate the initiative and salute the spirit of unity .The actors/artists spared time from their busy schedules to be a part of the prestigious video. Icons like Dr Abdul Kalaam and Sachin Tendulkar not being a part of the video, arouses controversies.
Well we must understand that this video was an effort to shrink the borders of the nations. If this contracts controversies, then what’s the point of taking such initiative? Agreed, they were missed out…but does this justify a reason to ban the video? This portrays a negative picture of the nation for all apparent reasons. There must have been unknown constraints. I…