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Formation of Indian Constitution:RE-PUBLIC

Feels good to breathe in independant air! Feels good to see an independant country! While 15th August saw the independance day for India,26th January empowered the country with its own constitution.Great achievement yeah? But have we made good use of this power given to us? More often the power has been misused or lets say has not been realised to its full potential. When the country has the power to choose its own leaders and Goverment , then why do we fail to see the promises being kept each year?We talk of economic growth and increase in the gross domestic income, why do we forget the illetracy and poverty trailing at more than 33% ?
Ofcourse there has been a substantial growth in the disposable income of the average Indian family .Agreed there has been a considerable rise in the education level.Yet the power we have has not helped us to achieve this dream for every Indian Family.Probably thats the reason that every now and then we see rebels demanding a separate state.Those who h…

Followed ur heart?

Like majority of Indian students, when I had a choice in school to opt between science and commerce, my mom went head over heals to convince me to choose science. I studied science till I graduated from high school. I hadn't followed my heart then. Though I scored well in science, I opted for Commerce in senior secondary which I enjoyed and excelled in, as against science which seemed dead and boring to me.
Came the time to choose a career, I again found myself entangled between my parents’ choice and mine. They wanted me to study Law or work in banking sector.
Crap!!! Who cared for my thoughts? I was the only one in my school and probably the only one in my peer group who chose ADVERTISING as my career. Late working hours, extremely non-conventional, hectic job, not good for girls…….and so on excuses were given to me to discourage me from taking this decision.
I had starry dreams and high ambitions to nurture. I never wanted to stick to a 9 to 5 job and waste my life. Travelling,…

Winding up..What stood out in 2009?

Time ticks without waiting. What remains are the trails of memories, some for good reasons and some as pricking thorns. It’s up to us weather we learn something from them or merely add them to the book of history like other pages. 2009 has been a year of mixed experiences for everyone. Have we learnt lessons from the mistakes committed in ’09 and wow not to repeat them? Or we sit blindfolded without letting us affect anything? Kargil operation and IC- 814 hijack incident completed 10th year, Tsunami victims saw the 5th death anniversary of their lost ones in 2009. Have the conditions improved in 2009? Kargil Operation was a victory yet the deceased soldiers’ families are still waiting for compensation from the Government. Villagers who were devastated in Tsunami are still leading a nomadic life waiting for somebody to either help them relocate with a normal life or die with poverty.
The Hijacking was a slap across the face of the Indian Government for the inability to negotiate and le…