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Freshers stuck in recession

Amidst the gloomy situation for the whole economy where organizations are sacking their employees and filing for bankrrupcy,the Soon to pass out MBA,engineerS,graduates etc are also spending sleepless nights.
My friend Swati hu was known for her chubby and smiling face has lost that smile!we seldom see her smiling and is always worrying about her placement.
Gaurav, a bright fellow student from the IT stream says, he abruptly wakes up from his sleep with a pounding heart thinking about the bleak placement scenario.
Our placement officer has allegedly reported that there has been a 50% drop in the number of organizations approaching the institute for placements.Certainly ,the students are not left with much choice and hence, each day, almost all the students can be seen flocking to the placement cell of our college.
Anticipating the acute shortage in jobs, students don't want to lose any chance of job and they appear for all the interviews irrespective of their chosen fields.